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For Immediate Release

March 16, 2020

Good morning,

My name is Nathan Babcock, I am the President of Straight Shot Wireless.  In response to the current Coronavirus pandemic, we are following the FCC’s “Keep America Connected” pledge and will do the following:

Our pledge: (For the next 60(Sixty) days)

1.            We will not terminate service to any residential or business customers because of their inability to pay their bills due to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic

2.            Waive any late fees that any residential or business customers incur because of their economic circumstances related to the coronavirus pandemic.

3.            We will open Wi-Fi hotspots to anyone who needs them in areas where you can sit in your car and access Wi-Fi if you are unable to get service at home.  (Please contact us if you have a location you would be willing to allow us to setup temporary hotspot services. Subject to service area restrictions).

During this time, we will also offer a reduced price for new installations for new customers, and payment plans for installation for those who cannot afford to pay installation right away. 

We are committed to serving our community and will do so in every capacity possible throughout this ordeal.  Our staff have limited our access to the public, we have ceased all public access to our staff at this time outside of our staff visiting our customers locations.  We are taking every precaution we can to prevent the infection of our staff, and the spread of this virus in every way we know how.

God speed to everyone, and let’s hope this is a short time in our lives.

Kind Regards,

Nathan Babcock – President