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About Us

Straight Shot Wireless Internet

We are a company with a sister. Mesh-Tek IT Services started in 2008 and provides I.T. services to southeast New Mexico. We noticed a lack of quality internet in the area and with that, Straight Shot Wireless was born. We are a young, vibrant company looking to provide the best quality Internet at a great price for homes and businesses. High speed Internet service is now a requirement for most people in order to live their daily lives. We just want to help make that an enjoyable experience.

What is Wireless Internet

Wireless Internet is not a new idea, but, like most technologies, it has seen significant improvements in recent years bringing high speed Internet to homes and businesses that are unable to get reliable wire-based service. Essentially, we have antennas located on various towers that allow your modem to talk to our base station. The data to and from your home or business is securely transmitted our network and out to the world.  As we add more antennas in the area, you get faster and more reliable service.